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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                 IIQ

AgrSez, Monsieur, Phommage d4 a vos vertus
ei a votre rnerite, puisque wire importante mission
doit contribuer d ameliorer noire sort; daignez aussi
agreer noire respect profond.

Les 12 Auieurs Nouvellistes Republicans.

I cannot very well tell what all these compli-
ments are about, and feel something like Sancho
in the island of Barataria.

At dinner at Perregaux's I met Senovert, who
was sent last year with Monneson, to try if they
could open a negotiation for peace, but got no
farther than Canterbury,

Lord Malmesbury wfaccable d'honnfitetes, and
wishes me to dine with him every day.

I have asked leave officially to see Sir Sidney
Smith, and expect it to be granted and that I
shall be able to effect his liberation upon parole,
for the face of things seems much softened.

I spent last evening at Madame de la Live's,
with all the cousins and tantes, very agreeably.

La petite Laborde is here, and I shall call on
her to-morrow. Auguste, her son, turned out very
ill, and some esclandre of his was the cause of his
father's being dragged from his hiding-place and